Welfare Programmes

Welfare Programmes

Basic Needs Provision is the divine right of all human beings irrespective of gender, race, religion or location. Mankind acting as trustees of the worlds resources have a duty to ensure all citizens are provided with food, shelter, clothing, education, health and basic sanitation, and failure is a derelict of duty.

In situations whereby elected governments are unable or unwilling to provide the basic needs to poor people Isaar Trust in partnership with existing agencies and motivated individuals endeavour to do as much as possible.


Educating Poor Children


A person’s education often lays the foundation for the kind of life they are able to live. So few issues are of greater immediate concern for any society than education, for it is through the kind of education given or not given to the young that the future of the global community shall be to a large extent determined.

Isaar Trust, aims to elevate the communities in the third world by assisting in their intellectual and educational development. There are many poor and needy children, mainly in Asia and Africa, who are able, talented enough to excel in their education, thus improving their personal, family and community livelihood, however their financial circumstances do not allow this to happen. Many of these children are forced into child labour. Isaar Trust is sponsoring the education of some of these poor children. We would welcome your financial contributions in this noble and worthy cause.

The Current Situation in Asia & Africa

Despite their potential many Muslim countries have not progressed in the spheres of education, economics, etc as envisaged by their founding members/pioneers. Many countries have been coupled with political instability ever since their independence or formation, and thereby have continued to lose direction and never managed to return to the Ideological basis upon which they were was created.

Many countries have low literacy rates, ranging between 20-40% and millions of poor children are forced into cheap labour instead of going to school to improve their intellectual and spiritual quality of life. Many children come from poor family backgrounds or are orphans who under normal circumstance would excel in school and become positive contributing members of the community. These children are a loss to our community and we need to help them in their time of need. The Isaar Education Program has been established to help some of these children.

Education For The Poor

  • Education is a premium, often too high for the poor. There are potentially many able young children who have shown excellent academic abilities in their early school years but unfortunately they come from families with poor financial circumstances, and are thus unable to continue with their education. These children will be lost and could have been of potential benefit. This project will financially assist in the education of these children. The sponsorship will cover both the educational fees and basic maintenance per child for the duration of their studies providing they continue to perform academically. Each child’s academic performance will be monitored annually.

Educational Institutions

  • The quality and standard of education provided to each child by the academic institutions is of paramount importance, and they must be vetted as well as the child(ren) in terms of academic performance.

Objectives of the Scholarship Scheme

  • To provide children from deprived families access to basic literacy skills, a holistic education and skills based training.

Specific Targets

  • Educational development within rural communities
  • Improve access for poor families
  • Provide financial and in-kind assistance to students
  • To produce Skilled, well-trained and qualified community members
  • Support existing schools in their development
  • Link-up with institutions to develop a high quality broad based education curriculum and vocational training programs
  • To promote teacher training programs
  • To assist in the development of new schools in rural and undeveloped areas when more resources become available
  • To establish local libraries/literary centres within existing public institutions to allow easy access to books and literature so they can be read at leisure
  • To reward Students, Teachers and Schools who perform academically and contribute towards community development
  • To establish Women Literacy Programmes especially for the Poor and Needy
  • To arrange seminars and conferences to highlight issues pertaining to the advancement of education and culture
  • To promote and encourage policy research, through PDI, in areas of education, socio-economics and governance
  • Promotion of good governance and how it can lead to enhanced attainment in education and socio-economic development
  • Promoting the roles and participation of all members in society esp women and youth
  • Mobilising and empowering citizens within society to promote the common good
  • To develop partnerships and alliances with like-minded individuals and organisations on common issues of concern


Helping the Orphans

The most vulnerable people in poorer society include numerous adults such as widows and elderly, and orphans who have no parents as a result of some natural/man-made calamity. Helpless Orphans are the potential leaders of tomorrow and we need to invest in them to produce an all inclusive forward thinking society.

Providing Humanitarian Aid

It is the duty of the state government to manage and look after the affairs of the people according to their needs in a principled manner. It is the duty of individuals and organizations to account, pressure and assist the governments (and stakeholders) to such an extent that they are able and willing to fulfill the roles which they have been elected to do.

However, in such situations, especially in underdeveloped countries whereby governments are unable or unwilling to provide basic needs provision (i.e. food, shelter, clothing, eductaion and medical care) then Isaar trust will assist according to their ability and capacity.

There are many natural and man-made disasters e.g. earthquakes, floods, war, famine, whereby the poor and needy require our urgent help.

Isaar Trust has provided and continues to provide assistance in :-

  1. Provision of Food, Housing and Clothing to the poor and needy
  2. Provision of Medical Care by giving medicine, supporting health clinics and hospitals who benefit the poor in rural areas especially.
  3. Provision of Education through scholarship scheme, creation of libraries, etc.

Help us to help the poor, they urgently need our help today. Don’t delay until tomorrow what you can do today.