Medical Services for the poor

Health care is important in every society and for every individual to maintain the wellbeing of themselves, families and their children.

However, in unjust societies with poor governance there is a divide between rich and poor. The rich can pay for what they need whilst the poorer members are left to suffer, and end up either dying or begging for help. This situation is not ideal and represents our weaknesses, incompetence and injustice.


Consequently, to alleviate some suffering of the poor communities like-minded individuals have come together under Isaar Trust to establish, manage and facilitate the setting up of healthcare services.

Isaar trust are building a small to medium sized hospital with the aim of providing medical facilities for the local community.

Please join us in our struggle to make this healthcare project a living reality.

You can help us financially, or volunteer your time or provide donations in kind.


Medical Camps

Healthcare for the community is mandatory for its wellbeing.

Medical services not regularly available locally or those illnesses requiring urgent medical attention are targeted by the isaar management team. We organise regular medical camps in order to deal with these illnesses and help alleviate suffering for the community.

Please help us either financially by sponsoring a camp or provide a much needed expertise or give your time as a volunteer.