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Projects underway include :-


Scholarship of Poor, Bright Students

To provide access for poor families we provide financial and in-kind assistance to students, to produce skilled, well-trained and qualified community members


Establish Education Centres – Formal & Non-Formal

To set-up new centres and facilities in rural areas for education of children and adults to promote, enhance literacy and numeracy


Vocational Training – Self-Sufficiency Programmes

We encourage individuals, families and communities to stand-up on their own feet by providing training, skills development as well as micro-financing of projects to ensure they can earn their own livelihoods to support themselves and their families.



Support Orphans

Children who are orphans are especially catered for by providing basic needs and education so that they may become role model citizens tomorrow.


Books for the Poor

Provide books to students for completion of studies and their intellectual development


Resources for School

Establishing science labs, IT suites, etc to assist in the development of schools in poor communities



Creation of Libraries

To establish local libraries/literary centres within poor, low literacy rate communities & existing public institutions to allow easy access to books and literature so they can be read at leisure


Collaboration & Partnership Development

With existing schools and bodies to assist in the development of education at all levels with respect to standards, curricula, etc. To develop partnerships and alliances with like-minded individuals and organisations on common issues of concern


Establish Teacher Training Programmes

To provide training to graduates and personnel involved in teaching & training to enhance their skills, and provide a better service to the poor communities they serve



Reward Schemes

To reward Students, Teachers and Schools who perform academically and contribute towards community development


Women Literacy Programmes

To establish Women Literacy Programmes especially for the Poor and Needy


Arrange Seminars & Conferences

To arrange seminars and conferences to highlight issues pertaining to the advancement of education and culture, policy research, in areas of education, socio-economics and governance.